About Us


We are a group of mortgage lenders and real estate agents committed to serving our community. We want our clients to be as educated as possible about the entire process of buying and selling property. To this end, we have dedicated this site to providing quality information to the consumers in order to prepare them for the process of looking for a home and obtaining the proper financing.

Notice that we referred to you as a client, not a customer. Want to know why? Check out these definitions from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Customer: one that purchases a commodity or service
Client: : one that is under the protection of another

See the difference? We are not interested in just getting money from another person. We feel it is our mission to protect our clients by ensuring they get a fair deal on a home, that the lending is agreeable to their budget and that there are no hidden problems with the property. The real estate business has been tarnished by lenders and agents willing to do anything for a buck. We want to restore the general public’s confidence by being a haven of good information.

We want to give you up to date information about lending rules and property conditions so that you are fully informed. Whether you are buying or selling now, or 5 years in the future, we welcome your questions. Our blogs are aimed at the latest news in our industry and we hope you will participate in the discussion by adding your thoughts, opinions and questions.